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    Annual Day 2017
    Bhagat Singh
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    Sports Day
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    at G.D. Goenka Rohini Sector-9
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Welcome to G.D. Goenka Public School

G.D. Goenka Public School Rohini Sector- 9 is a Co-educational Senior Secondary School, recognized and affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). It has from Preschool till Class 12th.

The school upholds the founders' commitment to excellence in all fields, with emphasis on its motto Higher Stronger Brighter.High morals are a prerequisite of a good human being. G.D. Goenka Public School Rohini Sector- 9 supports this thought and gives its students the understanding they need to be good human beings with right kind of education, so that they become responsible citizens.

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GD GOenka rohini north delhi School Principal

From the Principal's Desk

“It is within yourself that you will find the strength you need”

In the rapidly changing world, we witness a paradigm shift and innovation in the field of education. It encompasses the broader meaning of not only imparting knowledge and learning to students but to equip them with life long skills.
What better way to bring about this change but through students themselves, as each child is unique and adept in some skill. We look forward to facilitating them to ignite and awaken the spark, inherent in them and foster better understanding of the world around them.
The innate capacity of the young minds is immeasurable. They can achieve unimaginable feats under right guidance and support. They just need a little prodding and encouragement to take that extra step.
We at G D Goenka, Sector-9 believe that, they need to be nurtured today to blossom into confident and happy adults tomorrow. We strongly believe in providing a safe and intellectually challenging environment that will help kindle the spirit of enquiry, critical thinking and problem solving techniques in them. For this, we emphasize on experiential and innovative learning practices. We aspire to provide our students with a rigorous, energizing and high quality school experience.
We lay stress on the need to provide value based education, to sensitize young minds to the need of the society and nurture respect for the environment, our Nation and its heritage. To foster peace and the idea of global citizenship amongst all.
With this commitment, we, as caretakers and facilitators, welcome you to the world which pulsates with the dreams and aspirations of young Goenkans.
Dr. Shipra Kumar

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