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Following are the Clubs in the school :

Public Speaking

Public Speaking Club assists the learners to become voracious speakers of future. It enhances the speaking skills of the students, makes them confident and instills in them the alacrity to speak on any topic.

Astronomy Club

Astronomy Club fulfills the inquisitive imagination of the learners who want to know about the life beyond the sky.


Handwriting says so much about the personality of a person. In Calligraphy Club the learners beautify the font and adore the handwriting by giving it new touch in every session.

Science Club

Science is evolving each moment and so is the learner's mind. If both go hand in hand there is a long way to go. Science Club satiates the learners' urge to know more, to question more and to reason more.

Young Chef

Not just savour the taste buds but allow the young Goenkans to explore the world of Grub, the Young Chef Club will give way to follow interests, go ahead and play with spices and generate the aroma of ambrosia.


The Dance Club unleashes the passion unseen and gives wings to the fancy. The Dance Club enables learners to tap their feet on the tunes of music, heard or unheard.


Act, enact, and subtract the inhibitions,,,,,, The Theatre Club polishes the persona and paints a new personality. Fearless they get furnished and get geared up to become the future superstars.

Vocal Music

The nightingales add harmony to their melodious voices. The Vocal Music provides a concord to the rhythms and echoes symphony in the home and the world


Going beyond academics and making a healthy body gives us fruits that can be reaped forever. Including Sports in the curriculum fulfills the same purpose. Following are the sports which the learners can indulge in and enhance their levels of fitness:

  • Bad Minton

  • Basket Ball

  • Cricket

  • Karate

  • Lawn Tennis

  • Skating

  • Tae Kwon do

  • Horse Riding