GD Goenka School Rohini
Sector-9, Rohini

Counseling Section

GD Goenka is committed to meet the needs of students with special needs. Special Education Needs(SEN) Department of GD Goenka , sector 9, Rohini, provides integrated child development services.

SEN department aims at the holistic development of the child and conducts counseling, special education, occupational therapy sessions for the students and conducts regular workshops for the students , parents and teachers.

Our main focus is to try our best to mainstream the differently abled students. Special observations are shared with parents as soon as possible for the betterment of the child. Our special educator and counselors sincerely work with these students to nurture them in the most professional way.

Information hub

This section celebrates the triumph of the young Goenkans. The learners at GD Goenka are always motivated to exceed the zenith. Our job is to nurture the talent of the children and motivate them to let go the world of inhibition and explore the vast. Every child is involved in active learning here at GD Goenka. Motivation is not a challenge but a task to be accomplished in the form of the success of the learners. The destination of the ride of explore and experience is what we aim at. The institution firmly adheres to ‘Commit to Complete’ by instilling the best to bring out the best, the rewards of which are surely a festoon to the garland of victory. The Goenkans have always been enthusiastic when it comes to participating in competitions and events. Let’s take a glimpse at the victory galore and applaud the laudable.