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Workshop on Active Learning in Literacy Classrooms

‘Empowering self and hence empowering others’-GD Goenka Sec-9 Rohini believes in the growth-unified.  Ms. Jaya Bharti (PGT English) conducted a workshop on Active Learning in Literacy Classrooms on 29 May 2015. The workshop aimed at providing hands on experience to teachers for introducing reading, writing and vocabulary to students. The workshop helped teachers explore various activities like gallery walk, surveys, inter-active student notebooks etc.  The focus was on choosing activities which help motivate adolescent learners. The topics covered were as follows:

  1. Motivating an adolescent learner.
  2. Flexible Formats for classroom discussion and participatory vocabulary instructions.
  • Exploratory free writing and improvisational theatre techniques.

The workshop was enriching and provided various tools and techniques which can be introduced in classrooms at various levels. She is obliged and proud of the organization and the leader for recognizing the urge to learn. This definitely is an add-on step to the march of success.


Teachers Enrichment Programme

Make a mistake to Experience….. Experience to Learn. 'Learning has brought me Far from what I was once but not what I want to be'. When teachers grow….so do learners…. The job of a teacher is not to impart but preach the practiced.  A teacher herself is a learner and ‘Life’ is a teacher of a teacher. There’s always a room for add and increase. An initiative was taken on the part of the school to glisten the polished, an effort to motivate the teachers to change the world and break the boundary of monotonies and take a dive in the pool of unfound extremities and  ‘Show the World We Make the World’. With the very thought in the mind began with the Caravan of Fathom and Enlightenment.

Work Culture and Crisis Management-20 May2015
    Resource Person: Ms. Ragini Kaul

 Engagement requires choice, choice requires freedom, and freedom requires a good enterprise. A session on Work Culture and Crisis Management was conducted by the Principal of the school, Ms. Ragini Kaul, on 20 May 2015, which emphasized on a positive working culture in an organization. The term EMPLOYEE itself is self-explanatory….I AM A PLOYEE…. A team leader is the one who is responsible to teach the team how to play the ploy. The employees are expected to act responsible and deliver their best and this is the leader’s calling. Concept of work culture is based on belief, thought process and attitude of the employees. A Good team leader is the one who treats all equally. A word of appreciation is a must on the part of a team leader. Further, the spokesperson emphasized on the importance of Crisis Management. Evacuation plan, different types of crisis and the way out were discussed. She further elaborated, “Motivation to experiment life is a must for realization of the importance of success. Be happy with what you are. Contentment lies within and realization of which delivers the unrivaled.” The speaker left everyone with the thought, “As a determined team leader, to nurture a progressive mind is my motto and not an obligation. I will give you wings to explore the untried….move ahead and tour the journey of wisdom.”

Psychology Workshop-20May 2015
Resource Person- Dr. Jagmeet and Ms. Pallavi

"Try and teach all about life….they will teach you what life is all about." A workshop was organized by the councilors of the school to offer a better understanding of child psychology. A child's mind is prone to experiment. It is the sole duty of a teacher to cater to the inquest of a learner. Every child is special but some are gifted. A teacher must be efficient enough to distinguish between both and minister to their individual needs. The speakers concluded by saying, "It takes a lifetime to forget the precious minutes of a childhood. Make the most out of it and turn this time into an unforgettable one."
Keep Calm and Teach On-Yogasutra by Sandhya Goel - 21 May 2015

'A Healthy Mind leads to a Healthy Body'. With the same thought kept in mind, a Yoga session was organized for the facilitators of the school. The workshop began with a discussion on the meaning and universal relevance of the term Yoga and how it is accepted worldwide. The session began with the much forgotten stretch and let lose, that is usually overtook by the day to day bustles. The facilitators were further guided on Asanas like Suryanamaskar and Pranayaam, a simple yet effective way to keep themselves calm. This effortless effort ended leaving the teachers with a much fresh and new YOU.

 Let’s Get Tech Savi – IT Workshop-21 May2015
   Resource Person- Ms. Meenakshi Kuchhal Verma and Ms. Aditi Paliwal

Technology deprived man is a No Man. A workshop was conducted on how significant Information Technology is. Technology to man is like a reader to a book. The more you read, the more you gain. The speakers delivered on “The Top Ten Rules to Inspire a Room”, “Use of Google Drive” and “Designing of a Power Point Presentation”. They further voiced on the designing of a PPT. The session was concluded with the following words, “Leave an impact by designing and not decorating.”

 Shape the future….I am a Teacher…..Teaching in 21st Century
       Resource Person Ms. Rachna Kathpalia

 The speaker started with the discussion on ‘Role of a Teacher Today’ in handling a 21st century kid who is already equipped with many resources of knowledge. Knowledge is no more subjective to a today’s learner. A teacher need to focus on the use of these recourses. A teacher’s task is to validate, synthesize, communicate and collaborate. A learner must be taught what his right to do is and what is right to do. “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I Learn.” Students need not be entertained but engaged. Involving the students is a priority which will take learning a step ahead. The speaker further focused on the paramount concept of classroom environment. A teacher must give way to a child’s biggest emotional need of being appreciated. In continuation laid stress on psycho social environment. A teacher should be readily available for the students, lend an ear to them, be a medium and see the difference. The spokesperson wrapped up by unfurling her thoughts into these words, “Not just WHAT….HOW is to be taught.”

Mathematics- Laying the Foundation-22 May 2015
    Resource Person- Ms. Shikha Dhameja

 The workshop commenced with a prayer to revoke, revive and elicit the Almighty. The session began with an emphasis on the development approach bringing in the concrete and paving way through generalization to the ultimate abstract. An interesting activity was used to convey the relevance of the concept. Mathematics being a human endeavor is an approach to help the learner become an independent critical thinker. A teacher is the biggest contributor in a child’s learning experience. Learning being an irreversible change ought to be imbibed by the learner for life. The aim of the activities conducted in the class is to lay a strong foundation for classification. Discrete and continuous materials should be put in use to explore the attributes. A teacher must be efficient enough to create space for both. A teacher should cater to the inquisition of the child by inviting them to figure out solutions. Mathematics is like beautiful beads stringed together. The role of a teacher is to open the knots and give way to a smooth sail.  The speaker consummated by quoting, “Life is a word problem….simplify, organize and solve.” 

 Rendezvous with the Hidden – a Theatre Expedition-23 May 2015
    Resource Person-Mudra Creative Gestures

Got a chance to move beyond the cliché that theatre is all about dramatizing life. Theatre is something that brings us face to face with the art that lies within us. The Goenkan facilitators got an opportunity to bring out the child within them at a reposing theatre workshop conducted by theatre artist Mr. Sumit. It started with a tricky activity that was a step out off the workaholic soul. The workshop was more of a direction towards realization of the shine beneath dust. A line of activities were conducted that paved way for the release of the child within. Why to hide what is meant to be freed? The session became a medium to set free inner self and live the moment being you. Another motive was to propagate the idea of team spirit amongst the teachers. Work one….half the battle won.  The 1 12 hour session came to an end leaving the teachers rejuvenated and in a euphoric state of mind.

Science of Society-Social Science-23 May 2015
   Resource Person-Shweta Mehra

 The session focused on the difference between Social Science and Social Studies. The subject is a window to understand the society in which we live. There’s a need to learn to respect difference of opinions, lifestyle and cultural practices, the aim being to build today’s youth into tomorrow’s intelligent democratic citizen. The learners must be motivated towards the ‘Don’t cram….objectify facts’ theory.  The sole purpose of the subject is to develop values like freedom, trust and mutual respect amongst them.  The speaker further laid stress on Effective Pedagogy in Social Science which revolves around Alignment, Connectivity and Interest, the outcome of which is delivered on the basis of participation, cognitive development identity skills. The speaker called it off for the day by marking, “The workshop wasn’t’ only subject restricted but had a common universal approach, i.e. - welfare of the learner.”


Workshop at American Centre on Active Learning in Literacy Classrooms

GD Goenka is the ace in the race when it comes to grabbing of opportunities. Ms. Jaya Bharti
(PGT English) was awarded a wonderful chance by the school to attend a three day workshop on Active Learning in Literacy Classrooms organized by Regional English Language Office, at the American Centre,   U. S. Embassy, and New Delhi. The resource person for the workshop was Professor Spencer Sallas, Ph. D., and The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. The workshop aimed at providing hands on experience to teachers for introducing reading, writing and vocabulary to students. The workshop helped teachers explore various activities like gallery walk, surveys, inter-active student notebooks etc.  The focus was on choosing activities which help motivate adolescent learners. The topics covered during the three days were as follows:

  1. Motivating an adolescent learner.
  2. Flexible Formats for classroom discussion and participatory vocabulary instructions.
  3. Exploratory free writing and improvisational theatre techniques.

The workshop was enriching and provided various tools and techniques which can be introduced in classrooms at various levels. She is obliged and proud of the organization and the leader for recognizing the urge to learn. This definitely is an add-on step to the march of success.


The END marked the beginning of the NEW. The efforts taken by the school are surely a getup-and-go for the Goenkan facilitators. The workshops and efficacious sessions were enriching and a peek in the vast world of expertise. Let the learner breathe the air of knowledge.  Actual basic of the sessions was to create awareness that learning is a never ending process. There’s always something to learn every minute as said before ‘Life is a Teacher of a Teacher’…. Explore it…. The set of workshops were a trigger to the tedious soul and moistened the dried.  The principal left everyone with a thoughtful thought, “Never underestimate the power of a talent galore. Freedom is a big skill in itself. Develop a mind to question. Be their wings to thought. Let the learner breathe the air of knowledge….. Let them fly high and witness the Gargantuan”.


Worthy be thy service: Goenka celebrateas Nurse Day

GD Goenka Public School Sec-9 Rohini dedicated a day to the nurse, a lady who serves us day in and day out, cures our injuries, heals our aches and keeps us fit. We hold the thought that if the actions and services of a person be acknowledged; it leads to the inner contentment there by pushing one to rise higher. Hence the Goenkan pre-schoolers celebrated the Nurse’s Day on Tuesday, May 12, 2015. The learners watched a power point presentation on how much a nurse has to toil to keep others joyous under uncomfortable situations. The nurse of the school also visited the classes and participated in merry-making with the tiny tots. The motto ‘Fun with Learning’ was accomplished as the learners were informed about the use of first aid box and clinical instruments like stethoscope, thermometer etc. There were caps made with the red sign “+” as a craft activity.


We owe you..... Oh Earth!!!! : An assembly on 'Save Resources'

The students of GD Goenka School Sec-9, Rohini take it as their prime task to knock the doors of responsibility in every human being’s mind. They ensure that in their assemblies they spread a social message of their accountability to the society and hence the world. They took a leap to sensitize the generation-Y about the importance social ethics. They built a co-relation between the drive to help humanity and the need to save food. The fact that food is an important natural resource was highlighted. Through a visionary skit they put forth the fact that the left-over should be distributed amongst the needy.  Aesthetic pleasure led to great learning as they also presented a song on ‘Save Savory’. A speech was delivered to acquaint the audience with the facts and figures of what is remaining on the earth and to make the gathering realize the crux of the entire matter. Pluck the rotten before the ruin reign. The whole school took an oath to act responsible and not waste what we don’t possess. The principal of the school, Ms. Ragini Kaul quoted, “Lets pledge to do our bit to save the endangered by not acting selfish to the selfless.” 



A Group Discussion on “FUTURE ENTREPRENEURS” was conducted for students of Entrepreneurship, class XI

The students were filled with zeal as well as factual and conceptual knowledge.

The centre of discussion being the target goals and how to work towards them, the students were enlightened about the various aspects and view points of the subject.

Topics such as “Entrepreneurship v/s Employment”, “Why Entrepreneurship as a career” and “How to channelize our available resources for a better future” were covered.

Overall this session enabled the students to develop an open view towards their future and have set goals & targets to achieve.


Mother.....the key to the lock of love.....

Mother’s day was celebrated at GD Goenka Public School on 8 May 2015. A special assembly was organized by Radha Krishnan house to celebrate Mother’s Day which was more of a salute to the Gargantuan in the name of all the mothers. The assembly began with a note of love that was dedicated to the ‘procreator of life’. The highlight of the event was monotonous yet full of love pet dialogues of a mother. We never thought these words to be so pleasing today as they reminded us of the pampering and hankering of our lovable mothers. But what brought the entire school to a happy halt was the symphony prepared by the students. The light yet impactful song made some nostalgic about momy’s tiffin full of love and some of the selfless worship of a mother to God for the well being of her little ones. The Principal of the school Ms. Ragini Kaul quoted , “ The more we grow, the more we realize that a mother is the only best friend we’ve ever had and will ever have…… treasure and cherish her for life.”    


A walk to remember...... Baby's Day out

Flourishing buds among the flowery beds….. The tiny tots of classes pre-school to 2 had a ball as they went for a day trip to Japanese Park on May 7 and May 8 2015. The learners walked in the lap of nature and felt the lush with their pristine hands. This walk made them feel the vitality of the surroundings and brought about the realization that preventing the nature is of utter importance. They also indulged in myriad of merry–making activities. They returned with the rejuvenated souls to break all the boundaries of imagination. The Principal Ms. Ragini Kaul emphasized on the fact that recreational activities are important for the learners at all levels by saying, “To revive oneself out of the bustle of the noisy world is really necessary as it gives a boost for further play of the mental faculties. We at GD Goenka Public School Sec-9, Rohini make sure that recreation is an integral part of the school curriculum as recreation leads to self realization and self- accomplished is our motto”.


Dental Camp

The Health and Hygiene programme of the school always ensures that students get proper care wherever they are. Every aspect of the child’s personality is taken care of here at GD Goenka Public School Sec-9, Rohini. Keeping the same in mind the learners of classes pre-school to XII were made aware about their oral hygiene. A Dental Camp was organized on May 5, 2015 in the school premises. The dental camp organized by India’s largest multi-specialty dental chain helped the learners to know about the various precautions to be taken daily for their oral hygiene. This camp also helped the learners to know about the significance of personal hygiene. A complete feedback of the same was sent for parental perusal as well.


Space Programme

“The time will come when diligent research over long periods will bring to light things which now lie hidden. A single lifetime, even though entirely devoted to the sky, would not be enough for the investigation of so vast a subject...”

The mind will fly without fear and the head will be held high. The time has arrived when the boundless will take a flight. Here at GD Goenka School Sec-9 Rohini, we give wings to the imagination and strive to move beyond sky. For the aviation of thought the school has broken the ice by introducing ASTRONOMY as a subject for the students of grade 2 to grade 10. The fervid minds of the young aspirers hover to latch onto every bit of information veiled by the universe. To satiate the ardor of the budding minds who want to experience the diamonds in the sky the SPACE PROGRAMME has been introduced in the school. 

Global Astronomy Month is being celebrated to unravel the mysteries of the universe. In the vivacious month of April the students are being exposed to myriad of thrilling activities. To meet the unattained end of fancy, an event with the name of Global Star Party was organized in the school on April 24, 2015 and April 25, 2015 for the students of grade 2 to grade 10. The inquisitive learners watched the planets like Venus and Jupiter through telescope. Myriad of activities and games kept them engaged and the urge to know more about space got invigorated. There is much more experience in the times to come. The Principal Ms. Ragini Kaul quoted, “We aspire to chase every shooting star. The students of GD Goenka will never sing ‘Up above the world so high..Like a diamond in the sky’ because they would be talking to those diamonds very soon. Astronomy will empower them to think beyond the world”


Tete a tete with the eagle of space

“It's quite conceivable that life will eventually spread through the galaxy and beyond.” 

  - Astronomer Royal Sir Martin Rees

 The prosperous thinking is always switched on to decipher the hidden truths of what lives unseen. To uncover the mysteries of what lies beyond the universe the students of GD Goenka School Sec- 9, Rohini had an interactive session with none other than the space lady Sunita Williams on Monday, April 20, 2015. Williams is a world renowned astronaut of Indian origin who has brought glory to humanity by piercing the sky and making abode in space. There would have been no better opportunity to satiate the curiosity about the cosmos than being with the luminary herself. All the inquisitions of the young minds found respite in the dialogue with the stalwart. There was a discursive session related to space, career in astronomy, personal life incidents of Williams, scope of studying astronomy and other realms of universe. The answers of the space lady triggered the aspiring astronauts’ belief in space and the life beyond earth. The pursuit of knowledge was given great food for thought. Principal of the school thanked Williams and promised that more such sessions are lined up for the brains whose flight is immeasurable.  

Following are the views expressed by a student who attended the session: 

A Walk to Remember

            By Vaishnavi, X 

Well if I share about my experience, I would just like to say that the experience was surreal. Meeting Ms. Sunita Williams, shaking hands with her ,talking with her was just like a dream which came true! She also shared her experiences and showed us a video of her travel to space. The video was an amazing peep into the life of an astronaut. She shared with us the pedantic description of everything they did from brushing to eating  food, using washrooms and drinking water in space among others. My excitement knew no boundaries thinking about the feeling everyone would have being weightless in space.

We clicked our photos by keeping our heads on the cardboard astronaut body. About the American Center I would just like to say that everyone should go and visit the place at least once.It was an amazing and a gigantic center. I really feel proud of myself being a Goenkan and would like to thank my school for giving me this wonderful opportunity. It was worth an experience.


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