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G. D. Goenka Rohini
Recent Happenings

We owe you..... Oh Earth!!!! : An assembly on 'Save Resources'

The students of GD Goenka School Sec-9, Rohini take it as their prime task to knock the doors of responsibility in every human being’s mind. They ensure that in their assemblies they spread a social message of their accountability to the society and hence the world. They took a leap to sensitize the generation-Y about the importance social ethics. They built a co-relation between the drive to help humanity and the need to save food. The fact that food is an important natural resource was highlighted. Through a visionary skit they put forth the fact that the left-over should be distributed amongst the needy.  Aesthetic pleasure led to great learning as they also presented a song on ‘Save Savory’. A speech was delivered to acquaint the audience with the facts and figures of what is remaining on the earth and to make the gathering realize the crux of the entire matter. Pluck the rotten before the ruin reign. The whole school took an oath to act responsible and not waste what we don’t possess. The principal of the school, Ms. Ragini Kaul quoted, “Lets pledge to do our bit to save the endangered by not acting selfish to the selfless.” 



A Group Discussion on “FUTURE ENTREPRENEURS” was conducted for students of Entrepreneurship, class XI

The students were filled with zeal as well as factual and conceptual knowledge.

The centre of discussion being the target goals and how to work towards them, the students were enlightened about the various aspects and view points of the subject.

Topics such as “Entrepreneurship v/s Employment”, “Why Entrepreneurship as a career” and “How to channelize our available resources for a better future” were covered.

Overall this session enabled the students to develop an open view towards their future and have set goals & targets to achieve.


Mother.....the key to the lock of love.....

Mother’s day was celebrated at GD Goenka Public School on 8 May 2015. A special assembly was organized by Radha Krishnan house to celebrate Mother’s Day which was more of a salute to the Gargantuan in the name of all the mothers. The assembly began with a note of love that was dedicated to the ‘procreator of life’. The highlight of the event was monotonous yet full of love pet dialogues of a mother. We never thought these words to be so pleasing today as they reminded us of the pampering and hankering of our lovable mothers. But what brought the entire school to a happy halt was the symphony prepared by the students. The light yet impactful song made some nostalgic about momy’s tiffin full of love and some of the selfless worship of a mother to God for the well being of her little ones. The Principal of the school Ms. Ragini Kaul quoted , “ The more we grow, the more we realize that a mother is the only best friend we’ve ever had and will ever have…… treasure and cherish her for life.”    


A walk to remember...... Baby's Day out

Flourishing buds among the flowery beds….. The tiny tots of classes pre-school to 2 had a ball as they went for a day trip to Japanese Park on May 7 and May 8 2015. The learners walked in the lap of nature and felt the lush with their pristine hands. This walk made them feel the vitality of the surroundings and brought about the realization that preventing the nature is of utter importance. They also indulged in myriad of merry–making activities. They returned with the rejuvenated souls to break all the boundaries of imagination. The Principal Ms. Ragini Kaul emphasized on the fact that recreational activities are important for the learners at all levels by saying, “To revive oneself out of the bustle of the noisy world is really necessary as it gives a boost for further play of the mental faculties. We at GD Goenka Public School Sec-9, Rohini make sure that recreation is an integral part of the school curriculum as recreation leads to self realization and self- accomplished is our motto”.


Dental Camp

The Health and Hygiene programme of the school always ensures that students get proper care wherever they are. Every aspect of the child’s personality is taken care of here at GD Goenka Public School Sec-9, Rohini. Keeping the same in mind the learners of classes pre-school to XII were made aware about their oral hygiene. A Dental Camp was organized on May 5, 2015 in the school premises. The dental camp organized by India’s largest multi-specialty dental chain helped the learners to know about the various precautions to be taken daily for their oral hygiene. This camp also helped the learners to know about the significance of personal hygiene. A complete feedback of the same was sent for parental perusal as well.


Space Programme

“The time will come when diligent research over long periods will bring to light things which now lie hidden. A single lifetime, even though entirely devoted to the sky, would not be enough for the investigation of so vast a subject...”

The mind will fly without fear and the head will be held high. The time has arrived when the boundless will take a flight. Here at GD Goenka School Sec-9 Rohini, we give wings to the imagination and strive to move beyond sky. For the aviation of thought the school has broken the ice by introducing ASTRONOMY as a subject for the students of grade 2 to grade 10. The fervid minds of the young aspirers hover to latch onto every bit of information veiled by the universe. To satiate the ardor of the budding minds who want to experience the diamonds in the sky the SPACE PROGRAMME has been introduced in the school. 

Global Astronomy Month is being celebrated to unravel the mysteries of the universe. In the vivacious month of April the students are being exposed to myriad of thrilling activities. To meet the unattained end of fancy, an event with the name of Global Star Party was organized in the school on April 24, 2015 and April 25, 2015 for the students of grade 2 to grade 10. The inquisitive learners watched the planets like Venus and Jupiter through telescope. Myriad of activities and games kept them engaged and the urge to know more about space got invigorated. There is much more experience in the times to come. The Principal Ms. Ragini Kaul quoted, “We aspire to chase every shooting star. The students of GD Goenka will never sing ‘Up above the world so high..Like a diamond in the sky’ because they would be talking to those diamonds very soon. Astronomy will empower them to think beyond the world”


Tete a tete with the eagle of space

“It's quite conceivable that life will eventually spread through the galaxy and beyond.” 

  - Astronomer Royal Sir Martin Rees

 The prosperous thinking is always switched on to decipher the hidden truths of what lives unseen. To uncover the mysteries of what lies beyond the universe the students of GD Goenka School Sec- 9, Rohini had an interactive session with none other than the space lady Sunita Williams on Monday, April 20, 2015. Williams is a world renowned astronaut of Indian origin who has brought glory to humanity by piercing the sky and making abode in space. There would have been no better opportunity to satiate the curiosity about the cosmos than being with the luminary herself. All the inquisitions of the young minds found respite in the dialogue with the stalwart. There was a discursive session related to space, career in astronomy, personal life incidents of Williams, scope of studying astronomy and other realms of universe. The answers of the space lady triggered the aspiring astronauts’ belief in space and the life beyond earth. The pursuit of knowledge was given great food for thought. Principal of the school thanked Williams and promised that more such sessions are lined up for the brains whose flight is immeasurable.  

Following are the views expressed by a student who attended the session: 

A Walk to Remember

            By Vaishnavi, X 

Well if I share about my experience, I would just like to say that the experience was surreal. Meeting Ms. Sunita Williams, shaking hands with her ,talking with her was just like a dream which came true! She also shared her experiences and showed us a video of her travel to space. The video was an amazing peep into the life of an astronaut. She shared with us the pedantic description of everything they did from brushing to eating  food, using washrooms and drinking water in space among others. My excitement knew no boundaries thinking about the feeling everyone would have being weightless in space.

We clicked our photos by keeping our heads on the cardboard astronaut body. About the American Center I would just like to say that everyone should go and visit the place at least once.It was an amazing and a gigantic center. I really feel proud of myself being a Goenkan and would like to thank my school for giving me this wonderful opportunity. It was worth an experience.


Global Astronomy Month SUNDay Celebration

School  celebrated  SUNday during GAM celebrations. Classwise Students were taken to ground where the arrangements were done for the observation .Students then observed THESUN safely through the solar goggles and Telescopic projection method. They were fascinated by observing the demonstration of burning leaf to realize how dangerous it can be for their eyes. They were excited to learn about the visible features of the Sun. They were able to understand the importance of day time star –THE SUN in the sky.

“ The beginning  was awesome and we further plan to encourage our Goenkans to develop an unquisitive mind, wear their thinking caps and get ready to experiment ,explore and investigate.”


Acclimatization Day at G.D. Goenka Sector-9.

G.D. Goenka welcomed its newest members, the tiny- tots of Pre-school into their fold on 9 April 2014. The school left no stone unturned to make the first day of their school life, celebrated as Acclimatization Day, the most memorable event for the little ones. They were greeted by their favourite cartoon characters Doremon and Chota Bheem. They played and interacted with them. They also enjoyed toy train rides, bouncing castle, and tattoo corner activity. The Jamming session was a thorough favourite with the kids as they let go of all their inhibitions and danced their hearts out. The Principal Ms. Ragini Kaul not only welcomed the little ones but also took part in all the fun activities along with them. Acclimatization Day proved to be a wonderful opportunity for the pre-schoolers to get to know their class facilitators and their school surroundings.


Orientation Programme for Parents at G.D. Goenka Sector-9

An Orientation Programme was organized for the parents of Pre-school and new entrants on 28 March 2015 from 6 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. This grand event was graced by the presence of Shri. Kulwant Ranaji, Chairperson Ms. Anita Rana Ma’am, the Principal of G.D.Goenka Vasant Kunj-Mr. D.M. Sharma, and many other dignitaries.

The objective of the programme was to appraise the parents about the vision and philosophy of G.D. Goenka. The senior students of the school acquainted the parents about the various activities and events that take place at G.D Goenka through a PPT Presentation and Talk Show with the Goenkans. The Principal Ms. Ragini Kaul oriented the parents about all they could expect at G.D. Goenka secor-9. She also provided valuable parenting tips in order to help the child go through the transition from home to school as smoothly as possible. She also took up the queries of all the parents during an Interactive session ensuring parental satisfaction.

During his address the guest of honour Mr. D.M. Sharma, highlighted the Goenkan philosophy and laid down the vision of its founding fathers for all. All in all this was a grand event which helped in establishing a very strong home- school link.


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