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G. D. Goenka Rohini
Recent Happenings


Students of pre- primary -II celebrated Health and Hygiene Day on 7th December 2018, where kids were sensitized about good Health and Hygiene through various activities, videos and PowerPoint presentations. They were taught how to make oral and personal hygiene kit, to keep their surrounding clean and importance of healthy food habits. This helped our little Goenkans to understand importance of healthy and happy life.


Scholar Badge Ceremony

Quality is never an accident. It is always a result of intelligent efforts.
On 30th November 2018, GD Goenka Public School, Sector-9, Rohini, took an opportunity to appreciate and honour the efforts of the Goenkan scholars. The day witnessed an honouring ceremony for the 80% above scorers in the presence of proud parents. The ceremony was made fun with a melodious song and a scintillating dance performance by our Goenkans. The day ended with the Principal appreciating and encouraging the scholars for even better results in the years to come.


Family Week

Family is the single most important influence in a child’s life. From their first moments of life, children depend on parents and family to protect them and provide for their needs. Parents and family form a child’s first relationship. ‘Family week’ was organized from 26th November 2018 to 30th November 2018 at G.D. Goenka Public School, Sector-9, Rohini for Classes pre-school- II. During this week our little Goenkans were involved in various activities like making a family photo frame, family collage, show and tell activity, free hand drawing and many more. Various PPTs and videos were also shown to children telling them the importance of family


A day at Kidzania

On 22nd November, 2018, students from class I to VIII spent a fun-filled day at ‘Kidzania’. The students, along with their teachers, got an opportunity to experience the working of an economy. They spent the day switching between jobs and roles to spend and earn ‘kidzos- the currency of Kidzania’. It was a fun-filled and fruitful experience for the students which reflected on their beaming faces. The opportunity helped students to create memories as they spent time with their friends and teachers taking part in different activities and binging over delicious food.



On 20th November 2018, Id-Ul-Milad was celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm by our little Goenkans at G.D. Goenka Public School, Sector-9, Rohini. The tiny tots of Class pre-school – II were shown various videos and PPTs explaining them the importance of this festival. It was a fun-filled day as the students celebrated the birth of Prophet Muhammad- the founder of Islam who is also believed to be a messenger of God by Muslims.


Fancy Fiesta

20th November 2018 witnessed a fashion parade at GD Goenka Public School, Sector-9, Rohini when our little Goenkans dressed as famous personalities took part in a ‘Fashion Fiesta’. The students of pre-school came dressed in beautiful dresses and introduced their characters with utmost confidence.


Guru Nanak Jayanti

On 19th November 2018, students of class VIII A organised a special assembly to celebrate the auspicious occasion of ‘Guru Purab’. The assembly started with ‘Prabhat Feri’ along with a melodious song by school choir. This was followed by students sharing the importance and meaning of preaching of Guru Nanak Dev ji and a power-packed dance performance by students of class IV B. The day ended by everyone receiving blessings in the form of ‘Kadha Prashad’.


A visit to Rail Museum

On 17th November, 2018, an excursion was organized for our tiny tots to NATIONAL RAIL MUSEUM. The students of classes pre-school to pre-primary saw different trains in the museum followed by a fun filled ride in a train. The students got an opportunity to take rounds of the museum and were informed about different trains. Towards the end, the students had good time with the teachers and their friends by sitting in a circle and playing different games followed by their lunch.


Children s Day

14th November, 2018 witnessed a role-reversal at GD Goenka Public School, Sector-9, Rohini when teachers took upon themselves to organize a surprise assembly for the students. Students applauded and cheered for their teachers as they danced, sang and performed a skit for them. The day ended on a happy note when the Principal extended her wishes to the students with a warm heart and provided them with chocolates.


Book Week

“Books wash away from the soul, the dust of everyday life”

Reading is a vital part of a child’s learning experience. At GD Goenka Public School, Sector-9, Rohini, the annual Week event of ‘Book Week’ commenced from 12 Nov 2018 to 16 Nov 2018. It was organized, for Class pre-school - II, which was celebrated with a myriad of events and activities. A plethora of activities like storytelling, book reading, visit to the library, my vowel book and puppet theatre were organized to develop an understanding of how books can entertain and inspire all of us. Various videos and PPTs were also shown to our little Goenkans explaining them the importance and impact of books in a person’s life.


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