GD Goenka School
Sector-9, Rohini

Recent Happenings

Let us gift our future generations the best gift to cherish Tree Plantation at G D Goenka, Sec-9, Rohini

Keep doing your bit, here they might not see you, but my friend, you are making a great place in His heart.

GD Goenka Public School sector-9 Rohini never forgets its social responsibility, as each and every member of the school is aware about his/her duty as a citizen of the country and the globe. This year, for the third consecutive time, the school organized Tree Plantation Drive. This noble endeavour was conducted on 7 February 2018 in the school greens. Poor children from Smile Foundation were invited and were made aware of this selfless cause. They were also gifted a hamper by the school, which brought wide smiles on their faces. This drive raised the collective conscious towards the importance of biodiversity. On this occasion the principal of the school who propagates love and sensitivity towards our nature, supported the campaign whole heartedly. She added to the session by quoting, “Let’s be selfless and preserve nature so that the future generation will not have to import pure air. We don’t want them to crave. So, let’s save the best gift to mankind…. After all, who doesn’t love fresh air on face and wind blowing through the hair.”


A Walk To Remember

The school participated in a stride towards Cancer- Walk for Life – A Can Support Initiative on Sunday 4 February2018 at Rajpath, New Delhi. The Goenkans experienced what it is to ‘walk an extra mile’ for a cause. They wore t-shirts signifying ‘ I AM THERE FOR YOU’ in tough times. Many big institutions became a part of this drive. The stundents backed on the slogan “Keep Hope not Fear” throughout the walk. The bulk showed that humans still have heart that beats for the sensitive. The principal of the school, Dr. Ragini Kaul, who became the first one to get herself enrolled to walk for the cause and led the Goenkans to a step nearer to reality, stated that, “ In the age of Robots and Machines, we here at GD Goenka Sector-9 Rohini aim to produce humans practicing affection and benevolence.”


“Real genius don’t love the most beautiful thing in the world. What they create is beautiful for them”

Anything that is worth teaching can be presented in many different ways. These multiple ways can make use of intelligence multi-faceted. The theory of ‘Multiple Intelligence’ has largely catered to the broad spectrum of students all over the world. "We are all able to know the world through language, logical-mathematical analysis, spatial representation, musical thinking, and use of body to solve problems or to make things, an understanding of other individuals, and an understanding of ourselves.

The school organized a Multiple Intelligence Camp for the students of classes Pre-School to VIII in the school premises on 1 and 2 February 2018. There were myriad of activities like Story-Telling, Sand Art, Google Doodle, Aerobics, Science Mania and many more. Learners had a gala time enjoying all the activities. Doing such physical and mental workouts led students to have a day off from the bundle of books which accompany them every day to school.


Goenkans bid class XII adieu with a heavy heart

With an aim to keep the spirit alive in the hearts of students and teach them the importance of traditions and legacy, G.D Goenka School organized a farewell for the outgoing batch of class XII on 25 January 2018. The day began in great excitement and merriment as class XII students dressed up to their glamorous best and were given a grand welcome at the red carpet. With a shower of flowers and sweet welcoming words from class XI students, they were ushered in by student council. The queens were excited to get their photographs clicked at the ‘Selfie Booth’ and felt elated as they experienced a sense of narcissism. There were friendly games for the students which engaged their interests and energies. They were given memorable titles and mementoes to cherish throughout their lives.


Special Assembly on Republic Day

The day of nation’s glory, our 69th Republic Day was celebrated in school on 25 January 2018. The Indian flag was hoisted as a mark of respect followed by the national anthem. The Goenkans stood firm with heads held high symbolizing unity, equality and harmony and sang the national anthem in one voice. A special assembly was conducted on the occasion where the students talked about the importance of Republic Day. School echoed with the melodies of freedom struggle era. The assembly came to an end with a thunderous applause for the Goenkan dance troupe who took the stage with complete zeal. The Principal of the school, Dr. Ragini Kaul, talked about the selfless sacrifice of the martyrs “A salute to all those who have laid their lives for the nation….” May this celebration encourage everyone towards patriotism and instill love and harmony towards their brothers and sisters”


“Let the fire burn and illuminate our hearts with abundance and prosperity”

The chill of winters was given a hot retreat by the bonfire of the auspicious Indian festival Lohri. The teaching faculty of the school celebrated Lohri, the festival of harvest with great vigor in school on 13 January 2018. Everyone gathered in the circle of warmth praying the fire and wishing that this beacon be the path to prosperity till eternity. The crackling wood and corn puffs added to the fervor of the auspicious occasion. This celebration gave a warm start to not only the New Year but also the new session.


“Found a way to life”

We are in an era where everything is a fusion of technology. Hence it is the right time for experiencing experiential learning. With the introduction of Robotics, came the wings….now its time to fly. The Goenkans gave life to their creation- a Robot Truck. The happiness of giving bitrth to life could be easily seen of the gleaming faces of the inventors. All of this happened in the Robotics lab where the kids got a chance to discover efficient structure and methods to shape their innovations. The Principal of the school, Dr. Ragini Kaul said’ “ Such hands-on activities help the students to actually ‘know’ science and apply their understanding to their engineering designs.



G.D Goenka threw open its biggest event of the year-Resplendence 2017 - An Inter school Competition on 23 December 2017. The clash was attended by many renowned schools and the host school also participated in healthy spirits. The list of competitions Waste o Mania, Free Expression Portrait, War of Words, Musings and Monologue, Movie Making, Contemporary Dance, Patriotic Band, Astro Toon, Scientific Magic Show, Clinch the Deal and Muhawaro se Mulakaat. This event of recognition and reward became a memory to the marvels in the mesh of competitions. The winners were felicitated with trophies and certificates to acknowledge their efforts of ‘standing out’. The principal of the school congratulated and lauded the efforts of the participants and the winners. Valedictory was graced by a dance performance by Goenkans and an encouraging goodbye note by the principal.


“What we plant in the soil of contemplation, we shall reap in the harvest of action”

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality”
The vision that the leader of the school saw has been accomplished. Today we stand tall at the height of the skyscrapers touching the never ending skies. Its time to celebrate for all of us. The school nailed and made it to the top 500 schools of India in the 5th National Conference on Teaching, Learning and Leadership and Brainfeed School Excellence Award. GD Goenka Public School Sector-9 Rohini seized the ceremony by winning ‘the prestigious’ under the category of an outstanding contribution in the field of sports education, best ICT infrastructure and most innovative education structure. School is a place with four walls securing tomorrow inside and the achievements really show that a better future awaits for the Goenkans.


Eye Camp for the twinkle in the eyes

"For an eye which sees everything becomes everything"

The school conducted an Eye Camp for classes Pre-Primary to XII from 13-15 December 2017 in which there was a detailed eye check-up for all the students. Experts from India’s leading optical company AXIS examined each student patiently and consulted them about the health of their eyes. All the students went through a screening test in which Vision charts such as the Snellen and E type charts were used. The thorough examination made students and parents feel that they are in safe hands.


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