GD Goenka School
Sector-9, Rohini

Recent Happenings

Scholar Badge Ceremony at GD Goenka Public School

My Hero wears a badge….and I call him a Goenkan

A Scholar Badge ceremony was organised to felicitate the outstanding of all the odd and even in the field of academics on 21 December 2017. Scholastic Excellence Awards Ceremony is a Goenkan initiative to recognize and applaud academic excellence in students from classes 6-12 based on their consistently brilliant performance in the term examinations. The school orchestra thrilled the audience with “Symphonies and Harmonies” a rare presentation of the most acclaimed world symphonies on western instruments and vocals.

The cultural spectacle reached a culminating point when the Goenkan Dance Troupe displayed their best in the form of a dance presentation.
The awardees were then decorated with the scholar badges and certificate of excellence by the principal of the school, as the proud moment regaled the enthusiastic audience. The principal of the school was visibly impressed with the high standards of academic and co-curricular excellence in the school. She congratulated all the achievers and gave away a word of appreciation for the efforts of the faculty for spearheading the institution with the passion for perfection and urged the community of parents and students to shoulder their responsibilities diligently. The day drew to a close with the national anthem followed by the pleasing sight of Goenkans and their proud parents conversing excitedly as the sun sparkled bright on the badge of appreciation.


“Found a way to life”

We are in an era where everything is a fusion of technology. Hence, it is the right time for experiencing experiential learning. With the introduction of Robotics, came the wings…. now its time to fly. The Goenkans gave life to their creation- a Robot Truck. The happiness of giving birth to life could be easily seen of the gleaming faces of the inventors. All of this happened in the Robotics lab where the kids got a chance to discover efficient structure and methods to shape their innovations. The Principal of the school, Dr. Ragini Kaul said’ “Such hands-on activities help the students to actually ‘know’ science and apply their understanding to their engineering designs.


Pick Picnic Please!!

SAM is a powerful youth engagement program which seeks to awaken, inspire and transform young minds. The Goenkans of class3-10 got the opportunity to spend a day at the parent organisation of SAM, Divya Jyoti Jagriti Sansthan located in Kanjhawala. Welcoming us with hospitality , we could understand, they had a lot more in store for us. Our first stop was Culture Connect Conclave which was a mirror to the 8 years successful span of the organisation. Gearing up for a full day fun and frolic, we were taken to a place that spoke diversely about our culture. The sweet incense of roti on the earthern chulha lingered in the air. The students enjoyed every bit of the tour, be it tractor ride, saree and ethnic costume draping, magic show, etc. But what took the cake was the special dance performance by the SAM dance troupe that left all enthralled with their swaying dance moves. This day away from the bustles of the daily life will surely be remembered.



GD Goenka threw open its biggest event of the year-Resplendence 2017 - An Inter school Competition on 23 December 2017. The clash was attended by many renowned schools and the host school also participated in healthy spirits. The list of competitions Waste o Mania, Free Expression Portrait, War of Words, Musings and Monologue, Movie Making, Contemporary Dance, Patriotic Band, Astro Toon, Scientific Magic Show, Clinch the Deal and Muhawaro se Mulakaat. This event of recognition and reward became a memory to the marvels in the mesh of competitions. The winners were felicitated with trophies and certificates to acknowledge their efforts of ‘standing out’. The principal of the school congratulated and lauded the efforts of the participants and the winners. Valedictory was graced by a dance performance by Goenkans and an encouraging goodbye note by the principal.


“What we plant in the soil of contemplation, we shall reap in the harvest of action”

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality”
The vision that the leader of the school saw has been accomplished. Today we stand tall at the height of the skyscrapers touching the never ending skies. Its time to celebrate for all of us. The school nailed and made it to the top 500 schools of India in the 5th National Conference on Teaching, Learning and Leadership and Brainfeed School Excellence Award. GD Goenka Public School Sector-9 Rohini seized the ceremony by winning ‘the prestigious’ under the category of an outstanding contribution in the field of sports education, best ICT infrastructure and most innovative education structure. School is a place with four walls securing tomorrow inside and the achievements really show that a better future awaits for the Goenkans.


“To a Thirsty Man….a drop of water weighs more than a sack of gold”

Gd Goenka Public School Sector-9 Rohini, following the resolution of the year to save the Sources of Life, organised Water- Ek Boond- an occasion to sensitize towards the importance of water to mankind. The pre primary wing, irrespective of their age took the task on their shoulders to spread awareness about water conservation. The miniatures of pot shot went the dramatic way to show their concern. They infused the atmosphere with appreciation of the gifts of nature.The parents were enthralled to see the concern of the tiny ones at such a tender age. The applause in sync proved that the little Goenkans succeeded in touching the hearts of the gatherers. On this occasion, the Principal of the school, Dr. Ragini Kaul said, “ These kids deserve much more than a clap…. The best that we can do for them is to join the wagon of conservation and preserve the natural.”



GD Goenka Public School sector-9 Rohini is a proud participant of yet another project HawaBadlo Campaign in collaboration with Fever 104 FM and GAIL Ltd. The session was conducted by famous RJ Rahul Makin of fever 104 FM who sensitized the students about purifying the air. It was alarming to see what the Sensex says about the air that we breathe daily and how reckless cutting down of trees is affecting the nature. The campaign started with an interactive session between the host and the learners. The team was so impressed with the students’ participation that they gave away goodies as a token appreciation. The school pledged to support Bharat positive campaign by planting not one, not two but 20 saplings that beautified the school greens.

On this occasion the principal of the school who propagates love and sensitivity towards our nature, supported the campaign whole heartedly. She added to the session by quoting, “ Imagine trees had free wifi…..I am sure they would have multiplied into zillions by now….Let’s be selfless and preserve nature so that the future generation will not have to import pure air. We don’t want them to crave….so let’s save the best gift to mankind….after all,who doesn’t love fresh air on face and wind blowing through the hair.”


Behtar India- An initiative

“There is nothing more beautiful than making life beautiful for others.”
GD Goenka Public School, Sector 9 Rohini brought forth their compassionate and empathetic side by joining hands towards the upliftment of the society. The school has actively become a part of Behtar India in collaboration with NDTV and has been promoting the welfare of the underprivileged by creating Dengue Awareness. Going one step ahead, the students went to Remmersbau Pvt Ltd, Gurugram, where they sensitized the onlookers towards Dengue. They even raised their voice to ‘stand one’ to help the needy. Seeing the Goenkans going an extra mile, the Principal of the school, Dr. Ragini Kaul said, “ Robert Frost wrote, “I took the other road and that has made all the difference”. I have always taught my kids to feel from the heart of others….and that has made all the difference.”


Rangla Punjab….Apna Punjab- Punjab Day 2017

The goenkans exhibited excellence on 12 August 2017. The school was drenched in the essence of purity of Punjab- a state that defined happy people. Rangla Punjab 2017 took all with gusto and the rhythmic goenkans made the audience spring on the foot with one hand up. The beats of the dhol just added to the vibrant colors of gaiety.  The mood of the school was upbeat and the students were totally absorbed in the festive spirit of Punjab. They left no corner unexplored…be it Bhangra, Gidda, Saluting the soldiers on thewagah border, Dhaba presentation or character parade. The gathering was bewitched by the performance of the young Goenkans.
Rangla Punjab 2017 was an attempt to sensitize the students about the relevance of culture and the people of the state. . “We wanted them to experience it and we succeeded in instilling the relevant in them.  GD Goenka Sec-9 Rohini has boarded the ship of supremacy which is attaining new milestones with each passing day,” said the proud principal, Dr.Ragini Kaul.



Janmashtmi Celebration

GD Goenka Public School had many reasons to celebrate on 11 August 2017. The birth of Lord Krishna, hoisting of the prestigious flag and a WIN at the SAM music Contest. The school was also lit up with exuberance as it welcomed its chief guest SadhviPragya Ji from DivyaJyotiSansthan and our lovely elders from Shiv Ashray- an Old-age home, who joined the celebrations only to add on to the fervor. The assembly commenced with unfurling the tricolor flag followed by the National Anthem. The scent of patriotism lingered as the choir group sang the song of loyalty and patriotism.  The tiny Pre Primary Goenkans enthralled everyone with their performance of Krishna Leela.

The Principal of the school, Ms. RaginiKaul voiced her thoughts by quoting , “ The best classroom for a child is the feet of the elder.” She instilled in the learners the importance of the elderly in the family by saying, “Respect and love is all that they want….shoes and clothes have no meaning.” She also thanked the guests for making their remarkable presence felt.


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