GD Goenka School
Sector-9, Rohini

Recent Happenings

Christmas Fervor

Christmas is not a time not a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas.
The last fortnight of December is all about festivity. With the extreme chill there comes the spirit to celebrate. Goenkans celebrated Christmas Day on 22 December 2016. The school too was filled with the same spirit to relish and revive. The ambience was filled with the light scent of dewed green horley leaves. The parents were struck with awe looking at the decorated passage that gave way to the cozy manger of celebrations. The choir group gave a perfect beginning to the event by singing the joyful hymns in the name of the lord.  Class II took the stage with the enactment entitled ‘Holly Jolly Christmas’ to relive the birth of Jesus Christ and celebrate the ascending of the bundle of joy.  Children's joy knew no boundaries when they saw Santa in red costume wearing big red cap carrying large gunny bag full of gifts. The entire show was appreciated and applauded by all. The principal of the school Dr. Ragini Kaul worded her elation, “GD Goenka Sec 9 Rohini is a unit of sharing and caring and hence the festivals should enhance the congenial bond. And once again we have succeeded in proving the above said. Such celebrations make this bond strong and I wish it remains intact forever.


Way to Resplendency

GD Goenka threw open its biggest event of the year-"Resplendence" 2016 - An Inter school Competition on 24 December. The clash was attended by many renowned schools and the host school also participated in healthy spirits. The list of competitions included Techi Doodle Poster Designing, Euphonic Sufiana Streak, Bold War of Words , Productive Live Art, Brushed up Balfolk, Rapid Clinch the Deal, Rich Obfuscia Pigmentation, Florid 3D Wall Hanging and dramatic Abhinayan Samwadh. This event of recognition and reward became a memory to the marvels in the mesh of competitions. The winners were felicitated with trophies and certificates to acknowledge their efforts of ‘standing out’. The principal congratulated and lauded the efforts of the participants and the winners.
"I'm indeed proud of my team" said the proud Principal.


Game of the Ace at GD Goenka Sec-9

Britannica “Know for Sure” Quiz Competition 2016 was organized at GD Goenka Public School Sec-9 Rohini, on 9 December 2016. The event witnessed the presence of renowned schools who actively gathered for the clash of the dragons of wisdom. Britannica Encyclopedia is a 200 year old organization which has provided the world with unparalleled access to expert knowledge in all subject areas. In a world where questionable information is rampant even on the internet, Britannica is a centuries old trusted name which inspires confidence. The school became an arena putting the brilliance at display. Mr.Veid Prakash - Vice President, Encyclopedia Britannica, Mr. Rajneesh Grewal , Regional Manager, Encyclopedia Britannica and Mr. Vikas Sharma , Head Marketing and Communication Encyclopedia Britannica, South Asia ,a prolific and dynamic Quiz Master were among the biggies who added grace to the event with their alive presence. The avid competitors displayed their expertise in the rounds of fire. Mt. Abu Public School, Delhi Public School, Rohini and GD Goenka Public School Sec-9 Rohini made it to the finals. Till the full stop doesn’t come, the sentence is incomplete. And this sentence was completed by GD Goenka Public School,Sector-9, giving a lead faraway from all and leaving Mt Abu Public School at II position and Delhi Public School Rohini at III position. Veidas Kasera and Himakshi Aggarwal of class VIII reached the finishing line with magnificence and wrote history in the book of Britannica Encyclopedia Know For Sure Quiz 2016. What a perfect gift before the arrival of the new. The elated principal of the school, Ms Ragini kaul worded her delight by congratulating the winners and stated , “ We do not believe in only competition. For us competition and collaboration go hand in hand as the former may make us faster but the latter makes us smarter.. I stand here proud to proclaim , “The harder the battle..... the sweeter is victory. Thank you for adding this sweetness to the box full of honey.”


Adventurous Break



Celebrity treat

Its time to toss some confetti in the air and celebrate. The whole school was seen sighting for the talented star who is admired by many and lauded by all. Nach Baliye season 7 winner. an actor and a cricketer and a man who understands the art of Multi Tasking, Himmanshoo Ashok Malhotra spent Friday at GD Goenka Public School, Sector-9 Rohini, joining children in a staged reading, singing with the chorus, answering questions and enjoying the welcome dance presented by the students. He came with his endeavor ‘Share and Grow’ to connect with the youth of today Sharing his life experience and triggering students to be competent part of the challenging world..
As he toured the school, Himmanshoo was struck with awe as he explored the school’s gallery that was decorated in his reverence.  The principal of the school, Ms. Ragini Kaul appreciated the endeavor of the star to take out time from his busy schedule to guide and motivate the young minds to touch greater heights.


All India Inter School Taekwondo Competition

An All India Inter School Taekwondo Competition held at Thyagraj Stadium, in which our young Goenkans did us proud as they hooked the 1st position and unfurled the flag of triumph. They displayed the best of their performance and left the gathering flabbergasted. We are so proud to have you all in the family. A big thank you for bringing this moment of joy to us. We will surely cherish this for the years to come as your win is our crown of pride.


Rendezvous with the Enormous.

18 November 2016 was a day to be cherished forever. Craig Mc Dermott, former Australian cricketer and currently the bowling coach for the Australian cricket team, visited the school which came as a surprise to all and a joy to the cricket lovers.  The students watched his words carefully and this showed their eagerness to know more about the legend. Numerous popping questions showcased the students’ inquisitiveness at its peak. It was a lucky day for all the cricket fans as they even got a chance to learn various approaches to the game. The visit left us bowled over by his humbleness and the irresistible charm. 


Principal’s principles:

“Leadership is a process not a badge”
The principal of the school Ms. Ragini Kaul was honored with the opportunity to be a part of the augmented session on “Leading Schools” at the prestigious IIM Lucknow. 32 Principals were selected from all over the country to attend the three day session from 10-12 November 2016. The prime were trained and updated about the latest pedagogies on leading schools by eminent educators and faculty of IIM. Our ma’am was also privileged to have received a personalized autograph by the Director, Dean IIM, Mr. Debashish Chatterji, who named her as, “Ragini, the Invincible Woman.”
“A good leader has to be a good learner. Therefore, the pot of knowledge has no end. I feel privileged to have added some more drops of enlightenment to it”, said our knowledge worker and a leader at heart, Ms. Ragini Kaul.


Childrens Day

A Day Dedicated To Students By Teachers - Special Assembly on Children’s Day

“Children will not remember you for the material things but for the feeling, that you cherished them”
The best gift of God bestowed to a human is a child to be treasured more than his own self. School is a coffer containing such numerous gifts which exude brighter sheen with each passing day. As they grow they spread joy to each corner of the world making it a better place to be.
To unravel the jubilance encompassed in these beautiful motifs of progress, a special assembly was organized for the students of the school. The teachers presented a fabulous assembly on 15 November 2016. The occasion was embellished with two reasons to celebrate the day, Guruparv and Children’s Day. The assembly began with the auspicious Gurbani and the melodious hymns of Shri Waheguruji which was an added element of wonder and peace to the assembly.  Later, a streak of foot tapping music was enjoyed by the students in the form of a musical presentation. To add to the glimmer, the teachers presented a medley Bhangra with great zeal. Each step proved that, “we may not be as good as you…. but we are no less.” The assembly gave the learners a gala time and rejuvenated them for the days ahead.



“Let’s put safety over hasty”
A session on road safety was organized by the Traffic Police of Delhi for the students of GD Goenka Public School, Sector-9, where they were taught how it is paramount for us to practice road safety measures and keep ourselves as well as others safe on the road, just being aware of them alone will not help much. Distraction on road, be it while walking or driving can result in a fatal mishap. The session also focused on how road safety signs are silent speakers to the road users. A conscious understanding and following of these signs will definitely help in making roads a much safer place to walk or drive on. The principal of the school, who is an ardent follower of discipline….be it anywhere worded her thoughts, “Slow and steady wins the race. Let’s be slow on speed and win the race of our lives by not just knowing…but following.”


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