GD Goenka School
Sector-9, Rohini

Recent Happenings

Annual Sports Day

We know how to bring the sheen even on a rock…For they talked of perfection, and we brought it alive with the Annual Sports Day- Urjja-The Energy. The day witnessed the galore of events and celebrations. With the name ofUrjja, the school put forth an unparalleled spectacle as itcelebrated the annual sports day on Sunday, 23 October 2016. The occasion became more auspicious with the presence Shri. Manoj Tiwari Ji, a prolific actor….a melodious singer…..a regarded Member of Parliament North East Delhi, as our esteemed Chief Guest and other honored dignitaries. Theschool management also added grace to the show with their presence.


‘Urjja- The Energy’ was an attempt where we wanted our students to understand the relevance of sports and sportsmanship. “We wanted them to experience it and we succeeded”, said the proud principal, Ms. Ragini Kaul.

The members of the Management applauded the efforts of team Goenka.

The event began with the release of balloons as a mark of freedom on its wings followed by dynamic dances and sprightly drills. The chief guest congratulated the team for showcasing such a vibrant event. He applauded the efforts of all and spilled the words of adoration for the young Goenkans.

The elated principal of the school appreciated the vigor of the show as she could see her vision being brought to life. She worded her pride by saying, “GD Goenka Sec-9 Rohini has boarded the ship of excellence which is attaining new milestones with each passing day. I thank all the parents for trusting us and letting their children fly greater heights. We promise fresh horizons for all the years to come.”


Let Intelligence Have Some Fun

Inspiration exists….but it has to see you working. Devansh Aggarwal of class XI held the first position to his credit in the most creative video category under SPACE ASTRO PODCAST CONTEST2016 thus proving that innovation is the only way to win. Crossing over 2,000 entries and winning honor with his tremendous presentation skills of the students, his video focused on the Big Crunch Big Bounce Theory which stated how the Earth will shrink and come to an end and the factors causing the extremity. The principal of the school who was elated at the win, expressed her ecstatic feeling in the following words, “We are here to nurture the flowering capability of every young dynamic learner. Wings do not take you to heights…’s the winds that take you there. The school is proud to have him and we will make sure that the sun, moon and the stars become the harbinger of triumph.”



Teachers Enrichment Programme

A workshop on Health and Hygiene was organized by the school on 16 September2016. The speaker, Mr. Bhaavesh Suryakant (Founder Director of Excellence Educo. Director SKVMEDIA, Editor of the website-, began with the core qualities of a teacher: Heart, Passion and Desire to Succeed. It takes 21 days of healthy eating and working out and jolly health will become a good friend of yours. The session further focused on the trill to eat clean, drink water, stay active, be healthy. The speaker further touched on the role reversal of drinking food and eating water and DO’S and DON’TS of what to eat and what not to. Overall it was a good learning for the teachers as it became quite evident that healthy bodies give way to healthy eating and healthy teaching.


Peek into the Digital Age

A workshop was conducted by Edu Tech Review(ETR) at The Leela Ambience, Gurgaon, for everyone involved in education technology. Ms. Meenakshi Kuchhal Verma attended the session. The workshop focused on the education technology to connect and collaborate both online and offline to discover , learn, utilize and share. With the central theme of “ School Leadership in the Digital Age”, the conference was an array of sessions, panel discussions and case study presentations on the effective use of technology in the schools and best practices for 21st century education. The session became a platform for the educators to find answers to the challenges of running schools in the digital age and the right selection of tools for effective management. The day was all about understanding the potential of digital and mobile learning.


Hindi Diwas ki Hardik Shubhkamnaye



Unity….it starts with YOU…. If not you then WHO??

GD Goenka Public School,Sector-9, Rohini, became a platform to showcase the strength of Unity. The school celebrated oneness with ‘MILE SURR MERA TUMHARA’- A day dedicated to the unison of India.

The tiny blooming flushed faces of Pre Primary and Pre School gathered together to laud togetherness.

 The aura lingered in the air as the young ones geared up to support the melodies of harmony. The occasion was marked with the presence of the parents and guardians who witnessed the galore to its entirety. The kids broke the sublime and went a step forward to present what they are best at….PERFECTION…..!!  They danced their way to integrity and celebrated with fun and frolic.  The principal of the school, Ms. Ragini Kaul worded her expression, “ The school today became a box full of assorted sweets….sweets of peace, harmony, unity, diversity and above all oneness. Let’s celebrate being an INDIAN….let’s celebrate being ONE.” 



Workshop with Michigan University

Education is the movement from darkness to light. GD Goenka Public School, Sector-9, Rohini never leaves a chance to act as the guiding principle to its disciples of learning. An interactive workshop was organized at the school by Michigan Technological University. The speaker for the day was Cassy Tefft de Munoz, Assistant Director of International Admissions. Sharing a passion for concern of student development and an ardent supporter of student success, Ms. Cassy introduced to the students the diverse range of opportunities offered at the Michigan University.

The learners surely benefitted from this information exchange. The Principal of the school, Ms. Ragini Kaul worded her thoughts, “ Students form the largest crowd for any kind of knowledge transfer. Such workshops are only an extra piece of cake for their working abilities. Our aim here at GD Goenka is to harness such features in any student’s life which is definitely a boon in disguise.”


Independence Day

Unfurl the Pride, Salute the Regal….

On 12 August 2016, GD Goenka Public School, Sector-9, Rohini, gathered to celebrate the dawn of the dungeon of martyrs, a day to remember and revive the sacrifice of the last man standing who slept in the arms of death while fighting for our Motherland. The school welcomed its guests from Shiv Ashraya who joined the celebrations only to add on to the fervor. The assembly commenced with unfurling the Tricolor Dhwaja followed by the National Anthem. The scent of patriotism lingered as the choir group sang the song of loyalty. The dance group triggered the instinct of oneness in the form of a dance presentation and succeeded in touching the soul of the gathering by enlightening the hearts with the true meaning of Desh Bhakti. What added shimmer to the patriotic fervor were the mime acts who wore masquerade and robe of impeccability. The acts spoke it all without a word. The Principal of the school, Ms. Ragini Kaul voiced her thoughts by quoting , “ If it rains , look up rather than down because there is no rainbow without rain. Why need a day to remember the selfless sacrifice….? Let the ignite burn in the oil of patriotism always…..bow in reverence….not in remembrance.” She further added that the best classroom for a child is the feet of the elder. She instilled in the learners the importance of the elderly in the family by saying, “Respect and love is all that they want….shoes and clothes have no meaning.” She also thanked the guests for making their remarkable presence felt.


French Canvass

GD Goenka sector-9,Rohini, had French dignitaries on 1 August 2016. The courtesy visit was enjoyed by the whole school. The French delegates were awed by the gestures of the Goenkans. A small cultural program was organized for the guests to make them feel at home. Warm welcome was followed by a group discussion where the learners got an opportunity to interact with the French delegates. The inquisitive learners got a deep insight into the education system, culture and ideologies of France. The school galleries became a galore to the student efforts to celebrate love for the language. The ambience was full of fragrance. of French delicacies with a sprinkle of kus kus.

The Principal of the school, Ms. Ragini Kaul worded her admiration , “ Such visits offer a wonderful opportunity for exchange of ideas on best practice in delivering international education to students and awakening a desire to learn more about a language.

The ornaments of your home are the people who smile upon entering time and time again. We feel elated to have such guests among us whose smiles are surely something that we’re going to cherish.”


Education Abroad-Depaul University

An interactive come conducive workshop was conducted on 1 August 2016 for the students of classes XI and XII. The speaker Karen Mark, the Assistant Director of International Admission at Depaul University, Chicago Illinois USA. She also manages the global ambassador program of the university. The session was an accompaniment for the students wish to study explore career abroad. The students and the organizers worked as a team to resolve the doubts and queries. The learners came out with an expression of agreement. It is an initiative of the school to keep our high scholars well updated and aware of the career and courses choices available.


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